John E Bailor


Death Dealt the Hand

Special agent Trevor Byrne is a highly trained agent who can handle his business - the best we have. Will the best be good enough to stop an evil plan to change the destiny of the world?

"John E Bailor's DEATH DEALT THE HAND is a cross between the hard-bitten realism of Lee Child and the scientific intrigue of Michael Crichton. Tautly drawn, razor outstanding debut novel!" --James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of Black Order 

"In Death Dealt the Hand" author John E Bailor has created an unique and scary world threatening situation as well as a unique villain for the government agent Trevor Byrne to deal with. Byrne has his own personal fears plaguing him. His vulnerability is what really makes the story work as he gets into a bizarre situation in order to take down the villain. This fast psychological thriller will keep you asking yourself, "What if?" --Paul Kyriazi, author of How to Live the James Bond Lifestyle and Hard Rock Lovers


"Dia de los Muertos"

An ancient evil rises and a legend comes to life in this thrilling urban fantasy.

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More Blood

In "Welcome to the Future" a new enemy leaves Chiun dying then sets his sights on Remo. An exciting new adventure filled with callbacks from forty years' of Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir's The Destroyer.   

Destroyer World: New Blood

Don't miss John E Bailor's debut short story, "Operation: Desert Destroyer!"


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